Grubhub of the Jungle

We’re a little adventurous I admit. When we set out for new places we get a kick out of trying the local foods, or you know “eat like the natives”. At a food bazar in Thailand for example, we ate bbq’d scorpio on a stick. It tasted like burnt chicken. Then on the side of the road near a rice field we … I mean I….. Allan stood this one out, ate bbq’d rat from a local farmer, which also tasted like chicken! Oh and not to forget those live jumping shrimp, which were pretty yummy too.

So when opportunity presented itself during a food demonstration in the Amazon we ate Grubs, those creepy underground worm like things the size of your thumb. These tasty protein rich larvae are a staple of the indigenous people of the Amazon. Marco referred to them as the “bacon of the jungle”.

Before we tried them, his assistant demonstrated the proper technique of biting the slimy heads off first before devouring the wiggly morsels. What did they taste like? You got it! Chicken!

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