Rift Raft

After our Amazon rain forest walk we hopped back on the boats and cruised across the river to a sandbar where two balsa wood rafts were waiting. They were like it sounds, balsa logs tied together like in the movies. We sat on the edge of the rafts dangling our legs in the water and pushed off the bank into the river and about ten minutes later we all jumped in the water. This portion of the river was wide, smooth with no whitecaps and rated safe for doughy seniors. Then the hard part came, a bunch of overweight and out of shape seniors trying to hoist themselves back onto the raft with lots of grunting and words of encouragement. Have you ever seen Shamu at Sea World slide up to the trainers for a fish? Then you can imagine a bunch of pale dad bods doing the same-without the fish. The boats pulled up and we had to now stand up on the raft and step over the side of the boat, one task was brute strength and this one required grace and balance, neither which most of us had.

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