Ya Can’t Beato Quito part 2

All goods things must come to an end, it is the nature of glass to eventually break.

The tour stopped where it started in Quito and we had our goodbye dinner. We have really bonded with a number of fellow travelers and will stay in touch with a couple. We might book a tour of Turkey the same date as another member of our group. A couple travelers were fascinating in their own way and one I will write a whole chapter about.

We slept in and walked about to find the Modern Art Museum which was closed again. It was only open three days a week so we headed off into another direction of the city and found yet another charming boulevard. We had sandwiches and soda at a small cafe for $8.00 and later coffee with a brownie for $6.00, for two people.

Food here is cheap.

Rent is cheap.

Gas is cheap.

The U.S. dollar is the official currency.

The Hilton downtown was just $90.00 a night.

I did hear that cars were insanely expensive and cell phones too.

The main exports are oil, shrimp, roses and bananas .

On the way back to the hotel we found a small indoor shopping mall that was built as a spiral with each small shop slightly higher and sleightly curved going up 8 stories.

We had dinner at the hotel, took naps and headed to the airport at 11:00 PM to catch our 2:00 AM flight to Houston.

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