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Welcome back!

Welcome back fellow travel geeks! But if you are new to our blogs let me introduce ourselves. Allan and I are budget minded travelers from Orange County, CA. who yearn to experience new places and adventures. Being recently retired we now have the opportunity to “drop and go” travel and scoop up some great deals.

So when opportunity knocked for travel to Ecuador at a bargain basement price we jumped! We’ve never been there before and so there you go! Our only regret is not visiting the Galapagos Islands on this trip, but we are planning a separate adventure there in the near future. We will however be visiting many cool cities including the Amazon rain forest.

For now our greatest challenge has been the COVID-19 pandemic and adhering to changing protocols. We’ve stayed up to date on safety measures; and as I write this at the Houston airport, feel comfortable around fellow travelers. As I look around everyone appears to follow mask mandates and social distancing.

We’ll it’s now time to board our connecting flight so off we go!

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